Essential SEO Resources

Keyword Research

Being able to research your keywords is super important for your SEO strtagey. This is why we have listed the best tools around to help you find the perfect keywords to include within your website content or blog.


Business Enterprise SEO

Find the best SEO Resources 

When working with The SEO Girls within our courses or as a client.

You will always get us reviewing and sharing the best SEO resources for your business.

Ecommerce SEO Sales

Use AI technology to create content

Are you sick of getting writers block or just never know how to start your conent?

Well AI has massivly helped my success with writing! At the SEO Girls we do not rely on AI we just use it to help us see what headings are being discussed within a topic.

Our favourite tool is we use this every day to help us expand our content and rank on Google.

Ecommerce SEO Kit

As we know eCommerce stores are unlike any other type of website and this means they need spesific strategies.

This is why we have dedicated resources for our Ecommerce clients: 


Running a business can incur a lot of costs. So why not keep all your spending in one place and get 4x the points for every $ you spend. When using my AMEX I know that I can then use the points to treat myself as being a business owner can be hard! 

Best Blog Posts on resources

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