How to increase organic traffic as an E-commerce brand

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There are plenty of ways to direct traffic to your website these days. So why is creating organic traffic so important if you have Facebook ads running that are bringing in traffic?

Organic traffic has PURCHASE INTENT this means that a customer has a problem or a desire and has used Google or a search engine to find a solution.

When you solve their problems the customers are 10X more likely to purchase your product than if they just saw it on Facebook for example.

Organic Traffic eCommerce Brands

What is Organic Traffic?

The online marketing world talks a lot about digital marketing within social media and often forgets one of the fundamentals of growing a brand online.

This technique is using FREE tools that are accessible to everyone. Google is the largest search engine in the world and can skyrocket your brand if you use the techniques suggested.

Organic traffic is free traffic to your website and is created by using SEO techniques to rank on search engines. Customers use keyword terms that produce results within the search engine that answer their questions. This is how they find your brand organically.

The higher you rank for a keyword the more organic traffic your website will gain. What more could you want with traffic that is FREE and from customers who WANT your product.

How To Create Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic is created by implementing an SEO strategy to your website. By understanding your target audience you will know what keywords they are searching for when looking for your product.

By understanding how the search engines work and what keywords your competitors are ranking for you can use this to your advantage to rank for number 1 on google.

Keywords are an important part of creating an SEO strategy they are the basis of organic traffic. There are however many other factors to consider when creating an organic traffic campaign.

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Organic traffic does not happen overnight but it is the best long-term strategy for your brand it also has the highest ROI.

SEO should not be ignored if you want to create a brand online that is known. Your brand should show at the top of Google when you type in your brand name. If it doesn’t… you have work to do!

Why Use Organic Traffic For Ecommerce Brands?

I know what you are going to say… why do you need organic traffic when we have so many other ways of creating traffic?!

Not many SEO experts will tell you this but all your digital marketing campaigns should be tied together.

For example, you should choose influencers, not just base on their Instagram following but on their blogs DA, this way you will be getting a backlink from an authoritative website and some brand content created.

This also includes your posts on social media (not ads), they will add to your backlink profile and make Google see you are real.

Creating links from other websites is one of the best ways to rank on search engines. But watch out you do not want to create BAD links this is why we offer to build backlinks as a service for you. 

Organic traffic is an investment but it will create triple even quadruple what you will pay for in ads.

What good are ads when after your customer purchases they can not find you again?

What SEO Techniques Increase Organic SEO?

Understanding your target audience is the first action you must take when looking into increasing your eCommerce website’s organic traffic. 

Once you know this you can arrange your content around the keywords you would like to rank for.

Ranking factors include on-page SEO, internal linking, backlinks, off-page SEO, and technical SEO.  

It is important to look at your competitors on google and analyze how they are doing all of the ranking factors listed above. You can do this by using the SEO tools available or if you would like someone who knows what to look for it is advisable to use an SEO service who can then create an SEO campaign bespoke to your brand.

Now you know why organic traffic is important you can start to learn how to rank your brand on google.

What You Should Read Now…

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