Why you need a self-hosted blog in 2021

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If 2020 didn’t show us we needed to create our own incomes and set up self-hosted blogs that are digital assets I think 2021 will confirm it.

We all use social media but never think about the fact these are not public platforms they are privately owned.

This means that any change can happen quickly and audiences can disappear overnight.

A following you build-up can be taken away instantly, I have seen it happen many times.

Each time the person rebuilds but each time it gets harder.

The energy to rebuild could be spent creating digital assets YOU own.


Why you need a self-hosted blog

What is a Self-hosted Blog?

Owning your own space on the web that YOU control.

Self-hosted means you own your website that resides on your own server.

Don’t worry this is not as technical as it sounds.

This can be done using a third-party host that looks after your server for you.

The third-party server I would recommend is DreamHost

Using a third party means you do not have to do any maintenance and you can upgrade your blog as you start to gain more traffic and income.

To be self-hosted involves you owning a domain name this should ideally be your brand.

If you have a domain name in mind and have not yet purchased one I suggest using DreamHost they have reasonable rates, make it easy to auto-renew every year, and great customer service.

The Benefits Of A Self-hosted Blog?

Why is self-hosted better than using sites such as Blogger, WordPress.com, Wix & Squarespace?

Once you are on your own self-hosted site you have more control over what happens on your site.

You can use any theme you like and can design the site to be exactly to your taste.

The site will be MUCH faster! – This will help your SEO!

Each one of these hosted sites has some limitations in some way as you do not OWN the content.

These sites also use their own servers that host 1000s of other domains.

This makes it easier for your content to be stolen or hacked.

Google gives self-hosted sites more authority as they are not sharing the same server with so many other domains.

Self-hosted WordPress blog

What Self-hosted Server Should I Choose For My Blog?

A reliable one.

Your domain is your address to your blog or site, a server holds your content and information.

Many people fall for the cheapest deals that servers promote and then end up paying a BOMB the next year.

Please do not fall for this trap!

A reliable service is one with good customer service, up front with their fees, and easy to upgrade when your blog starts to grow with traffic.

This is why I always suggest DreamHost.

If you want a site that uses WordPress but is FASTER and has more memory DreamHost is the best server out there.

They have multiple options available and have specific WordPress Servers to maximize the technology of owning a WordPress blog or site.

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