The Beginners Guide To SEO For Bloggers

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First of all WELCOME to The SEO Girls Beginners Guide to SEO for bloggers, it is my mission to help 1000s bloggers stop feeling so lost with the lack of traffic to their blogs!

I know how you feel… you created a blog and you have written a good number of posts but it feels like there are tumbleweeds?

You keep refreshing the site to see if anyone has magically found your blog… BUT no one is there.

You see all these other bloggers who get monthly views of over 100K and you just don’t know what you are doing wrong?

But the good thing is ALL bloggers have been there and the ones who continue to learn get these 100K monthly pageviews of traffic.

So let’s start with the basics…

The Ultimate SEO Guide for new bloggers

What is SEO for bloggers?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

Did you know millions of people are using search sites like Google every day for the answers to their questions?

You too can start appearing on the number 1 page of google if you start writing content that people are searching for.

SEO is not just used within google it is also used on other searchable platforms like Pinterest and Youtube.

So if you also use and create content for these platforms for your blog and brand it is good idea to learn how Search Engine Optimisation can get you more traffic to your content.

Why implementing SEO is important?

If you want your blog to start creating an income using SEO for bloggers will help you receive that traffic.

Once you have regular traffic and an engaged audience your income can skyrocket.

Yes, a good social media following is important to growing a blog and brand online.

However, platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook can change their algorithm at a drop of a hat.

This makes having your own platform and blog one of the best investments in your brand.

You own your blog platform if you are self-hosted

If you are not self-hosted or do not know what this means click here to find out more.

If you haven’t started your blog yet click here for tips on how to set up a blog for success.  

Once you have regular traffic that is not determined by a social media algorithm your content will become more trustworthy.

What does SEO give you… Authority.

The more authority your blog has the more brands will want to work with you and the higher rates you can charge.

The SEO Beginners Guide

How to start using SEO?

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to implement SEO.

There are so many different topics online to blog about the possibilities are endless for traffic.

Start by finding the key topics you want to blog about. This will help you create an SEO strategy for your blog.

Not all algorithms are bad and if you follow the SEO checklist your blog posts will start showing up on Google.

Get the free SEO blogger’s checklist here.

When creating content online it is good to have a plan in place to know exactly how each post will help your reader.

Key Tip: Create a content calendar and stick to your keyword strategy 

Use keyword planner tools to find search terms that your target audience is using.

Find my list of keyword tools here.

Research is the KEY to SEO and if implemented correctly in your content and blog this is when you will start seeing results.

BIG TIP: Do NOT spam your content with these words as google does read and will only place you higher in the search algorithm if they know your blog post will help the reader.

Where to put Keywords in a blog posts?


Adding keywords to a header will help you stand out on google. Give your audience a reason to click on the header they must know exactly what they are going to read about.


Your URL is super important to the structure of your site. Stop using the date you posted your blog as Google doesn’t care about this. Want to know how you can fix your Permalinks click here. 


Adding images are great for blog posts as it makes them wayyy more interesting to read and keeps readers engaged. BUT did you know Google also looks at each image as a search topic?

This is why it is super important to add your keywords to your images. And upload images that are saved using the keywords.

Body of Text

As I mentioned earlier… do NOT spam your content with your keywords as google reads everything! And you want your audience to stay on your blog as long as possible.

The more engaging your content is the more you will build a relationship and authority with your readers.

We suggest using your keywords at least 3 times within your content this will keep Google happy.

The tips I have mentioned here are the basics you should be doing to grow traffic on your blog. If you have a WordPress blog make sure you download this Rankmath plugin to maximize your SEO for each post.

When will an SEO strategy start to work?

If you start implementing SEO from the start with your blog you will continuously grow your chances of climbing to the front page of google.

The more posts you add around your blog topic the more chances you have to gain traffic.

SEO does not give you instant traffic as google has to crawl your blog and decide how good the blog post is compared to others.

With the right keyword strategies, you will start to see the benefit of using SEO within the next 6 months.

If you have an older blog I suggest you go back over posts to make sure they are optimized the best they can be.

What You Should Read Now…

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