How to create instant blogging success from the beginning

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First of all a huge CONGRATULATIONS on wanting to create a digital asset that can create you one of the best incomes in the world…

There are 100’s of blogs created every day on the web however very few will survive and create a stable income.

Now do not let that put you off!

You are going to find all the information you need on how to start your blog with success in mind from the start.

So what does it take for instant blogging success…

Create instant blogging success

What Does A Successful Blog Look Like?

A blog with a clear goal and purpose will always win.

Creating a niche for your blog and setting clear intentions will help you create a blog that has a clear purpose.

If you do not have a clear blog vision and do not know where to start please download this workbook here.  

Once you have a vision and goal for your blog you will be able to research correctly what topics to write about. 

This will then give you a better idea of the brand you will create.

Create A Brand For Your Blog

To continue to bring people back to your blog you need to create a brand.

Your audience is more likely to trust you if you communicate your vision.

This will make you more memorable and will encourage people to share your content.

Having a domain that is your brand will help create this trust.

Here at The SEO Girls, we buy all our domains from DreamHost

They are super easy to purchase and have auto-renewals that means you will never forget about your domain.

Using a domain will mean you can also use a self-hosted server.

For more information on what and why you need a self-hosted server click here

Use a SEO Friendly WordPress Theme

A blog theme can make or break your site.

Good themes are optimized for SEO, have fast loading times, and are responsive to different types of screens and browsers.

This is why it is important to start with a theme that is easy to configure, with a good amount of customization.

Themes that you should consider are –

Rima – A stylish easy to customize no coding blog theme

Elegant Themes (Divi) – A page builder theme with extreme custom elements and brilliant add ons. 

Optimise Your Blog For Speed

Speed is SUPER important for a blog, when you add images and content your site will always start to slow down.

If a reader gets to your blog and it doesn’t load they will quickly click off and go onto something else.

Online you have 15 seconds to grab someone’s attention.

There are multiple ways to speed up your WordPress blog or website one of the plugins that can help prevent this from happening is WP Rocket a cashing plugin with many more features.  

Prepare Your Content Before Launch

Content Is KING.

You may have heard of this phrase before but it is true when launching a blog. 

The more content you have the more you have to share on a rotation via social media. 

I suggest creating 10 blog posts to start as your launch. 

This will give you content to share and your audience will not get bored. 

Never only promote a blog post once. 

Your social media posts will never last more than a day and therefore your content will always need to be shared. 

Create Social Pages For Your Blog

Social pages with your brand name / blog name will help people associate your blog posts with you online.

Posting your links through social media has many bennefits not just getting yourself seen by other people on social media but will help google see that your content is interesting. 

The more people who interact and click through to your blog the higher Google will regard the content created. 

Now you are ready to start your blog… remember stick to these tips and you will be set up for success.

What You Should Read Now…

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